New Business Alliance logo typical 21st Century attempt

Thu, Sep 27, 2012


Logos! If we have a business, a government, a nonprofit, a religion, or a very large ego, we gotta have a logo. The newly hatched Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance unveiled its new name/logo yesterday, accompanied by a lengthy logo analysis by CEO Joe Raso (logo analytics – now there’s a great new business niche).

The logo deliberately echoes that of the city, presumably to bask in the reflected glory of our storied municipality. It’s a typical 21st century logo – simplified, stripped down and essentially meaningless.

It was not always thus. City stationary used to be adorned with a full-color rendition of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods, which was replaced with a cut-out image of downtown buildings and the Peak. That sparse and meager sketch gave way to “Live it Up,” which gave way to the present abstract mishmash.

It’s fine, I guess. But, like the Chamber’s – I mean the Business Alliance’s – new logo, it’s the product of the strange marriage of graphic artists and marketers. That’s why all logos look alike, despite the efforts of logo-makers to create powerful and meaningful symbols.

But enough carping.

Let’s do our part as responsible members of the media, and help create an appropriate moniker for the new organization.

Raso told us that he doesn’t want it to be known as the RBA, presumably to avoid confusion with the Reserve Bank of Australia, or the Rochester Business Alliance. He wants to push the name Business Alliance. No abbreviations.

So here’s a modest suggestion: ReBA! We’re authentic, we’re country, we’re sincere. And maybe we could even hire Reba herself as ReBA’s spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, here’s Joe’s logo analysis.

The process by which our name and visual identity was developed included numerous meetings with our organization’s leaders and with regional leaders as well as focus groups with member investors and others committed to our success. It was tested locally as well as outside the state with national site location consultants and creative executives. From the feedback we received, the name and logo were finalized. We are proud of the result. We hope you are, too.

We are also proud of our staff and leadership and the untold hours they have collectively put in during the transition and their dedication to this new organization. Please join me in thanking them for all they do!

The name Business Alliance, used as a second reference following use of the full name, is a clear and concise descriptor of who we are and what we do as an organization. We purposefully are not using an acronym. Our clout as a community is intertwined with our Colorado Springs name, and our global value is based in our regional business strength and the alliances necessary to compete for the minds and innovation that will drive our economy. 

  • Colorado Springs: Our geographic location, unique community assets and competitive advantages, and a united vision necessary to compete regionally, nationally and globally.
  • Regional: Powerfully bonded and strategically aligned with our partners in the region and with the broader Front Range, poised to create, collaborate with and implement regional economic and business development initiatives.
  • Business: Focused on the success and growth of business of all sizes as a platform for networking and advocacy between member investors and across all industry sectors.
  • Alliance: Highly successful business organizations working as one with our member investors, leadership, staff, and other local and regional partners for a common goal of economic growth and prosperity.
  • More than 120 years of business development leadership. A founding member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: This tagline recognizes the importance of our long-time status as a chamber of commerce. This hasn’t changed, nor will it. We will continue to serve in a chamber of commerce role in the community.  

Our Visual Identity:  Unique to Our Mission.

The Business Alliance visual identity is unique to its mission as the local business organization dedicated to building regional economic growth and prosperity.

  • The design of the Business Alliance logo, lower case letters and a clean, universal sans serif font represent a modern, relevant and forward-moving organization.
  • “Colorado Springs” is prominent because it’s where we’re located and will be most easily found by those outside our region. “Regional Business Alliance” is emphasized through color to reflect the organization’s mission and objectives and the relationship between the organization and its member investors.
  • The mountain icon establishes the unique community asset of our location in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region while incorporating an underlying sense of business.
  • The icon can be interpreted as mountains, but also depicts modern office buildings.
  • The interweaving and overlapping of lines represents a visual connection between member investors and the regional business community and between businesses of all sizes.
  • While the design represents the region, it also establishes a relationship with the new Colorado Springs logo through the use of the same colors (light blue, dark blue, and burnt orange). The unique icons and fonts enable each logo to stand on its own, but also compliment the other when used together.

Maneuvering into Position to Accomplish the Mission of Business Development.

Components to our mission will include:

  • Existing business and industry growth;
  • New company formation;
  • Business recruitment; and
  • Community development to support business development.

We look forward to your support of the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance. We value the commitment and involvement of all our member investors. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance to you in any way.


4 Comments For This Post

  1. richard black Says:

    ReBA’s new logo looks like some commercial real estate company’s business card.
    ….. Looking up & the corner of a modern steel & glass office structure.
    If you don’t already know we’ve got mountains here, THAT logo won’t inform you.

  2. John Whitten Says:

    So, the first question is: Did Stone Mantel create this image?…As Mr. Price over at CVB can tell you, we’d better check to make sure 5 other communites around the countryside don’t have the same ‘logo’…….

    The next question is: logo analysis?…instead of Business analysis?, or prospect analysis?, or membership analysis?……

    Now I know why Mr Raso hasn’t bothered to introduce himself to most of his membership (aside from the fact that members like me are just not important enough)…he’s too busy doing logo analysis….when he’s not doing power plant analysis.

  3. Andrew Hershberger Says:

    Another classic example of tearing ourselves down and then wondering why we can’t seem to develop any real meaningful and prolonged inertia when it comes to being competitive regionally and nationally. Perhaps the author would rather see a 20th century attempt at a logo that would be more ‘typical’ of many national perceptions that incorrectly exist about our great community.

  4. Bob Stovall Says:

    I have to agree with Andrew. I often find John’s writing thoughtful and creative, but in this case it is not. Too often we in this community just like to criticize what others do. But please make those criticisms substantive and helpful. I get the feeling reading this that John would have criticized whatever the Business Alliance came up with. That organization gets to choose its name and logo, so let’s accept it and move on. Ultimately the Business Alliance will prove itself by what it does, not by a tagline or logo.