Romney flipped 2012 primary? You decide.

Tue, Nov 6, 2012


Hate to rain on your parade, Obama supporters, but it looks as if the election results may be very different from what you happily anticipate.

According to this analysis,  the Romney campaign managed to successfully manipulate the 2012 Republican primary results.

As the mathematician who sent me the link noted, “This paper might be a little dense for your classically trained mind, but all you really need to understand is the logic behind the graphs. After reading it, I’m convinced Mitt flipped votes to win the primary.”

Pointing out that statistician Nate Silver at now gives Obama more than a 90 percent chance of winning the election, my friend gloomily predicted that “If Romney pulls it out, I say he stole the election.”

I usually dismiss such conspiracy theories, but is it really hard to imagine that voting machines across the country could be successfully hacked? If scammers in Estonia or Kazakhstan can seize control of your home computer, why not voting machines? And why seize control, anyway? Why not insert the malware at the point of manufacture?

In a world where North Korea can build a nuclear weapon, is it so unlikely that the Repubs could pull off such a bold scheme?

Ask yourself a simple question: who’s smarter, Karl Rove or Kim Jong-il?

It’s Karl, of course – who just happened to be in Dallas on November 22 , 1963. Coincidence? I think not.

And I know – you’re going to point out that Karl was only 11 at the time. Gullible fools – don’t you realize that Karl was born on December 25, 1940 –in Kenya.  I’ve seen the birth certificate.






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