State wants mandatory life jackets for Labradors

Mon, Dec 17, 2012


In what may qualify as the single most absurd government regulation ever proposed, the Colorado Department of Agriculture proposes to require dog boarding and training facilities that have in-ground pools to equip dogs with “flotation devices” before they enter the water.

You may think that this is just an early April Fools story – but here’s the proposed regulation, in all its dubious glory.

1. Whenever water in a pool is deeper than the height at the shoulder of the smallest dog in the pool, a ramped ingress-egress area shall be provided at each accessible entry-exit point.

2. Every dog must wear a personal flotation device while in or while having access to a pool area whenever the pool water is deeper than the height of the dog at its shoulder.

3. All pools must have a minimum of one lifeguard constantly observing the pool area while dogs have access to the pool area in addition to any other required supervision.

4. Pools with a capacity of less than 100 gallons must have water changed and be cleaned and sanitized daily.

5. The bottom of the pool must be clearly visible through the water.

James Bertini is one who has a dog in this fight.

He owns a Earthdog Denver, a 10,000 square-foot dog park that has a pool.

“This is the most absurd government regulation that I have ever heard of,” he said. “At a time of record government deficits, the State of Colorado is having its staff prepare regulations that will require Labrador retrievers to be suited up with foam before diving into our pool to retrieve a tennis ball. Of course, humans who can’t swim are not required to wear life jackets, but dogs who can swim will be required to wear them.”

The rule has been proposed by a division of the Department of Agriculture known as PACFA, which stands for the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act, and which regulates not only dog boarding and day care facilities but also pet stores, breeders, groomers and other providers of animal services.

We’re not making this up. See for yourself by clicking here to read the proposal under section 18:s

Or visit the PACFA website.



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  1. John Whitten Says:

    And, in the true spirit Pelosi/Obama Democratic nanny-ism, the dogs can’t swim for one hour after eating……

    The law should also allow for each dog to bring their own personalized Orvis (or LLBean) color coordinated PFD(Personal Flotation Device), since, as everyone knows, dogs might have some “Hideaous Dog Transmitted Disease” (HDTD), that could be transmitted through common usage of dog PFDs…..

    Next thing you know, they won’t let dogs operate boats, or own guns…where is the limit?