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Legislative secret: Past experience helps Democrats

7. December 2012

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When voters approved term limits for Colorado state legislators, the electorate pretty much split along party lines. Republicans loved the idea (get rid of all those professional politicians!) and Democrats didn’t (we’ll lose institutional memory and be at the mercy of cunning lobbyists!). A majority of unaffiliated voters agreed with the GOPsters, and term limits […]

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Lathen praises business, ignores Bach in State of the Region address

5. December 2012


During a noontime lunch sponsored by the Regional Business Alliance, County Commission Chairwoman Amy Lathen delivered a “State of the Region” speech to more than four hundred attendees. At 4,099 words, the address was only 444 words less than the United States Constitution. Lathen began by noting that “For all of us who live and […]

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Blog: CSU will have no choice but to shut down Drake

3. December 2012

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By John Hazlehurst and Amy Gillentine What’s going on with Drake, Neumann Systems Group, Colorado Springs Utilities and the Sierra Club? Is it possible that CSU will be forced to abandon the Neumann project and close the Drake power plant in response to a potential lawsuit from the Sierra Club? We think so – and […]

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