Report: Lenders working with borrowers to reduce foreclosure

Wed, May 9, 2012


Short sales, loan modifications and other alternatives are driving down the number of foreclosures, according to a report released today from CoreLogic, a California analytics firm.

Foreclosures are on the decline because banks are working with borrowers, home sales are increasing and prices are stabilizing, according to the report.

Other findings:

• Short sales, modifications and other foreclosure alternatives are playing a larger role than in years past, and the flow of new foreclosures is declining with an improving economy.

• Mortgage performance is experiencing a slow and steady improvement as the 90+ day serious delinquency rate in March fell to 7 percent, the lowest rate since July 2009.

“This decline in serious delinquency represents a significant reduction of approximately three quarters of a million borrowers,” said Fleming in the report.

• Overall home sales activity continues to improve, with total sales eclipsing 410,000, up more than 20 percent from a year ago and the highest March sales rate since 2007.

• While the national market continues to improve, it masks regional variation where some local markets are improving much more rapidly than others. The most improved markets from a year ago are Phoenix, Boise and Salt Lake City.

• Home prices are at, or very close to, the bottom as the Memorial Day weekend approaches.

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