Denver real estate broker’s license suspended

Thu, Jun 7, 2012


The Colorado Real Estate Commission suspended Denver real estate broker Patrick Chomyn license on June 5.

The Division of Real Estate found evidence following two separate complaints that Chomyn violated the license law by overcharging property owners for repairs and mismanaging funds.

The investigation found evidence that Chomyn would markup the cost of labor for repairs made to rental properties he was responsible for managing. The markups were paid to a company owned by Chomyn’s wife. And the marked-up charges were passed onto the property owner who was under the impression they were only being charged for actual repair costs.

Division staff also discovered that Chomyn had not been properly accounting for rental proceeds and security deposits and his accounts have not been reconciled for three years.

Because of his disorderly accounting, investigators couldn’t determine if funds were missing.

Chomyn faces license revocation and fines up to $9,750.00.




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