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Will the real leader please stand up?

Why does the business community shoulder so much of the heavy lifting in this community? I was in the business community meeting about bringing AngelouEconomics to town to do the Operation 60thirtyfive study. The idea was to get a blueprint of what we want to be when we grow up and identify specific industry types… Continue Reading Will the real leader please stand up?

By Sean Paige Executive director of Local Liberty Action and the editor of Local Liberty Online.org. Excellent recent reporting by the Business Journal indicates that the city’s $53 million “private-public partnership” to provide the U.S. Olympic Committee with a new downtown headquarters might be in significant trouble. This seems especially bad news for folks backing… Continue Reading Colorado Springs’ track record on ‘investments’ raises red flags

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By Douglas Stimple CEO of Classic Cos. Do you believe our community needs to take more decisive steps to create, attract and retain jobs for our residents and families? If you are one of the 79 percent of our residents who indicated such a belief in a recent community poll, an opportunity exists to make… Continue Reading Passage of 1A will ensure city’s long-term economic vitality

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