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Who needs 2C? Believe me, Colorado Springs does

Last week, I was a writer in residence. I’d volunteered for the gig, but that morning, I moaned on Facebook. What was I thinking? I’d be talking to a bunch of snarky middle-schoolers about my writing process? Reading my little pieces about pets and kids and the Czech Republic to kids who were probably expecting… Continue Reading Who needs 2C? Believe me, Colorado Springs does

Looking back to see where we might be able to go

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The ballots are in the mail — but the check isn’t. Less than two weeks from today, we’ll know whether Colorado Springs voters have approved a cumulative 10 mill increase in city property taxes. For supporters of issue 2C, the prospects are not encouraging. Private polling shows that Springs residents regard the proposal with skepticism.… Continue Reading Looking back to see where we might be able to go

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In the event that Colorado Springs voters fail to approve a proposed mill levy increase during the Nov. 3 election, the city will have to make many painful choices. Will council implement furloughs and layoffs, close the Pioneers Museum and city recreation centers, and put the city park system on “life support”? We don’t know.… Continue Reading Postponing inevitable is what got us to where we are now

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2C: an issue of trust


It is a critical time for Colorado Springs. Voters need to vote for 2C, but with the recent $43 million-plus U.S. Olympic Committee debacle, they have a legitimate right to say they cannot trust city officials. Life’s about timing, I always say, and unfortunately this may be an instance of disastrously bad timing. Elected officials… Continue Reading 2C: an issue of trust

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