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By Stephanie Chandler It seems the most popular question lately is, “Are you on Facebook?” Launched as a way for founder Mark Zuckerberg to connect with friends at Harvard, Facebook has exploded into the mainstream. With nearly 200 million users, and a million new members joining each week in the United States alone, people are… Continue Reading How to use Facebook for business: Social Networking 101

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Unemployment is on the rise in Colorado and the unemployment system is expected to face a record number of claims and to pay out record benefits this year. Not all of these claims, however, will justify receipt of unemployment benefits. Under the Colorado Employment Security Act, access to unemployment benefits is limited to those persons… Continue Reading Some tips to help employers navigate unemployment compensation system

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Are you serious about them?

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Most people misunderstand and mis-define the word serious. They view it as stoic, non-smiling, stiff, non-humorous and boring. Hardly. Serious is the intention, the intensity and the focus that you put into your work ethic and your personal ethics. Serious is a way of life, a way of business, a way of selling and a… Continue Reading Are you serious about them?

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