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Grim forecast has one bright spot: Weapons

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The period of robust growth for the aerospace industry could be coming to an end, but analysts say it can still capitalize on limited growth opportunities by streamlining its operations. The biggest problem facing the industry is that government and airlines are cutting spending in response to poor global economic conditions. Alix Partners, a global… Continue Reading Grim forecast has one bright spot: Weapons

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Colorado’s congressional delegation, including lawmakers from the Springs, is fighting to save about 1,000 aerospace jobs that are related to the Orion crew-capsule program. The jobs are threatened, they said in a letter to President Obama, because of NASA’s effort to shift termination costs from the Constellation spaceflight program to private government contractors. The federal… Continue Reading Orion jobs threatened by NASA budget shortfall

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The space shuttle Atlantis carried three University of Colorado payloads to the International Space Station on its final flight. The biomedical payload devices, including one to help scientists understand how and why micro-organisms flourish in the low-gravity conditions of space, were developed at UC-Boulder. The experiments on biofilms, which are clusters of microorganisms that adhere… Continue Reading Space shuttle Atlantis carried CU bacteria experiments

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