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Fischer to appeal USOC decision

Attorney Lindsay Fischer said this morning that he intends to appeal District Court Judge Scott Sells’ decision to dismiss his suit against the city. “I suppose if someone came into the office and held a gun to my head and said ‘don’t appeal,’ I wouldn’t,” Fischer said, “but otherwise I’m going ahead.” Fischer sued to… Continue Reading Fischer to appeal USOC decision

Hours after attorney Lindsay Fischer filed a 25-page response regarding his lawsuit against the City of Colorado Springs alleging that the city’s plan to issue certificates of participation secured by a fire station and the Police Operations Center is illegal, District Judge Scott Sells threw out the suit. In a brief order characterizing the COPs… Continue Reading Judge throws out Fischer’s USOC lawsuit

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Attorney Lindsay Fischer filed a 25 page response yesterday in his lawsuit against the City of Colorado Springs, which alleges that the city’s plan to mortgage the Police Operations Center and Fire Station 8 and use the proceeds to pay for the proposed retention package for the U.S. Olympic Committee is illegal. Fischer filed the… Continue Reading Fischer files response in USOC case; judge may rule tomorrow

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