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The stock market always recovers. Since 1926, the stock market, as measured by the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, has had 58 years of positive returns and only 24 years of negative returns. Historical odds are 8-to-1 that the market will be down by 10 percent or more during any single year, and 2-to-1 that… Continue Reading Odds are better that market will go up rather than down

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FX makes the Street look stable

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Foreign exchange markets don’t operate like Wall Street does. It’s a global network of buyers and sellers exchanging currencies. Trades are executed via brokers or over-the-counter electronic networks. “There is no centralized trading floor,” said Correy S. Jones, vice president at Wells Fargo Foreign Exchange in Denver. Jones gave a presentation at a recent Office… Continue Reading FX makes the Street look stable

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Protecting intellectual property is akin to traveling by air, land or water. One can reach a destination by different or multiple means. Three panelists discussed the various ways to protect intellectual property during a Middle Market Entrepreneurs seminar at The Antlers Hilton. There are three types of patents available: utility, design or plant (as in… Continue Reading Don’t be a fool — protect everything that you create

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Trends in local, national economy

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Psst … here’s, well, not exactly a secret, but at least a marker to look for that signals economic recovery. “Once you see signs that people are going back to work, that’s usually a sign that the recession is winding down,” said Tom Zwirlein, director of the Southern Colorado Economic Forum and a professor of… Continue Reading Trends in local, national economy

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Microeconomics is the study of behavioral changes – including the relationship between changes in price and changes in behavior. Regulatory changes create price changes. Therefore, “using microeconomics, let’s look at behavioral effects due to price changes resulting from regulatory changes,” said Dr. Elliot Eisenberg, senior economist for the National Association of Homebuilders, the keynote speaker… Continue Reading Eisenberg outlines the law of unintended consequences

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Cultural factors key to international business

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Scene: A three-hour dinner in Germany, Poland or France with potential business associates, during which only politics, religion and family are discussed. Success or waste of time? Probably the former. “The fundamental difference between American businessmen and Europeans, is that Americans believe that product and service is king or queen, and method is fungible,” said… Continue Reading Cultural factors key to international business

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