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Bach’s challenge – assemble folks to sell C4C

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for a fourth term in 1944, his campaign seized on an old country aphorism to use as his re-election theme: “Don’t change horses in midstream!” But as every businessperson knows, different tasks require different skill sets. A company’s charismatic founder may not be the person to take the mundane,… Continue Reading Bach’s challenge – assemble folks to sell C4C

At a joint meeting this morning, the El Paso County Board of Commissioners presented the Colorado Springs City Council with a preliminary “partnership proposal” aimed at keeping the Pioneers Museum open during 2010. The proposal contains three “initiatives.” – The city would continue to manage the museum. – The city would return ownership of the… Continue Reading County, city discuss future of Pioneers Museum

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Despite El Paso County’s ongoing financial woes, County Commissioners won’t be asking the voters to approve any new taxes. “I think we need to make it clear that we won’t be going to the voters and asking for a tax increase,” said Board Chair Jim Bensberg, after the commission had received a grim overview of… Continue Reading County commissioners decide against tax increases

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