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Downtown complex could go back to baseball

Week after week, we hear assurances that important announcements are coming, perhaps soon, in regard to City for Champions. Just a guess, but that probably would not include anything newsworthy in regard to the proposed multipurpose Colorado Sports and Event Center, commonly known as the downtown stadium. In truth, it’s an indoor-outdoor complex adjacent to… Continue Reading Downtown complex could go back to baseball

Opinion: Time to battle C4C opponents

From the start, even the most ardent supporters of City for Champions have known that the package deal of projects for Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy wasn’t absolutely perfect and beyond reproach. Yes, some of the forecasts for likely usage and attendance, particularly for the Colorado Sports and Events Center downtown, might not… Continue Reading Opinion: Time to battle C4C opponents

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Time for C4C donors to step up

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For months now, naysayers and skeptics have been taking repeated potshots at City for Champions — many questioning the usage and revenue forecasts for the four projects, others criticizing the lack of transparency, but everyone wondering how organizers will make it to an acceptable bottom line. Through it all, we’ve been assured, there’s no reason… Continue Reading Time for C4C donors to step up

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Stadium’s fate could swing C4C outcome

  Of the four components in the City for Champions proposal, the downtown stadium concept has emerged as the least popular. Skeptical City Councilors have cast doubt on the facility’s estimated cost ($92.7 million), its optimistic attendance projections (781,000 by its fifth year) and its financial structure (100 percent from public sources). In the original… Continue Reading Stadium’s fate could swing C4C outcome

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You can say one thing for City Council president Keith King: he can sure write a memo! At this week’s Council “Retreat” King presented a five-page action memo, laying out the course that he believes Council should follow as it turns its baleful eye upon the City for Champions proposal. For connoisseurs of this neglected… Continue Reading King unloads gargantuan plan for Council to evaluate C4C

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October 21, 1982. It was opening night at the brand-new Pikes Peak Center, our city’s just-finished, sparkling 2,000-seat theater-auditorium. I was there; in fact, my then-spouse and I walked into the auditorium arm-in-arm with the legendary Bee Vradenburg. Bee, Charles Ansbacher, Phil Kendall, Kathleen Collins and scores of other dedicated community leaders/activists had conceived the… Continue Reading Once again, Springs faces a huge opportunity

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