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Banks eyeing former Chase location

Chase Bank has consolidated its downtown branches, closing its branch at the corner of Pikes Peak Avenue and Tejon Street Nov. 21 and opening the newly renovated branch at 28 E. Boulder St. That leaves a prime downtown location vacant. Andrew Oyler, office and investment specialist with the building’s owner Grubb & Ellis/Quantum Commercial Group, said… Continue Reading Banks eyeing former Chase location

Chase wants to give me $100. But if you’re thinking it’s hush money to silence my squeaky wheel about how utterly poor the bank’s customer service is, you’d be wrong. Actually, it just further proof that my hypothesis about the company being so big that no one knows what anyone else is doing is correct.… Continue Reading Round three: Another Chip off the old Chase block

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Chase-ing down a few more unanswered questions

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Irony. A noun. Defined by the “American Heritage College Dictionary” as “incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.” Leave it to my friends at Chase to serve up another softball for me to hit out of the column-writing park. A few weeks ago I jumped on the “Chase has the worst customer… Continue Reading Chase-ing down a few more unanswered questions

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An interesting thing happened last week when I logged on to the Chase Web site to pay my Visa bill. Like many other consumers, I noticed that my credit limit had been reduced — substantially. So, being the curious type, I clicked on the Secure Message Center link so that I could find out why.… Continue Reading Getting the runaround with Chase customer service

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