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Who will benefit from the strong-mayor initiative?

The “strong mayor” voter initiative heading for the November ballot would bestow sweeping new powers to the mayor of Colorado Springs, giving rise to an obvious question: who benefits? The mayor would have the power to hire and fire most city employees, to prepare the city budget and to veto most council actions. The proposal… Continue Reading Who will benefit from the strong-mayor initiative?

Citizens for Accountable Leadership, the group seeking to change the city’s form of government to a strong-mayor system, filed a list of contributions and expenditures with the city clerk this afternoon. The group reported contributions of $58,100.23 and expenditures of $56,139.06. So far, the organization has received contribution from 12 individuals and three companies. Of… Continue Reading Strong mayor group files list of contributors

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Some towns are big and brash and happy and confident. Some are like Colorado Springs, too often a small-minded place, roiling with doubt and discontent, full of angst and even anger. We’re a place that feels as if everyone else thinks we’re the dork in class, though it’s worse than that. We feel that our… Continue Reading Strong leadership will help city hold its head high

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