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Groups call for health exchange board resignation

Consumer groups are calling for the resignation of one of the board members for the state’s health insurance exchange board, which will determine the new marketplace for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Eric Grossman, vice president of Trizetto, has come under fire from two consumer groups for his close ties to the insurance… Continue Reading Groups call for health exchange board resignation

Foes target Colorado’s new hospital fee

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Less than two years ago, the Colorado hospital fee passed with much fanfare and to the great relief of the state’s hospitals. The fee is expected to bring in more than $800 million for Medicaid to provide insurance for the state’s poor and indigent. It would allow thousands of children to be seen by doctors… Continue Reading Foes target Colorado’s new hospital fee

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Bill seeks to end gender as a factor for insurance cost A piece of Colorado legislation seeks to even the health insurance playing field for women. Most insurance companies charge more for women in the individual market. Women pay between 2 percent and 59 percent more than men who are the same age, from the… Continue Reading Gender bias: Should women pay more for insurance?

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Health care reform isn’t dead with the election of Scott Brown and the loss of a Democratic seat in Congress. In fact, local analysts say that Brown’s election won’t derail reform at all. “There are at least two scenarios,” said De De dePercin, executive director of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. “I think rumors of… Continue Reading Brown’s election doesn’t end reform, local analysts say

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