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Colorado cities and towns struggle to maintain infrastructure

Colorado’s cities and towns are struggling to maintain the infrastructure needed to support basic needs of residents and businesses. That’s the report form the Colorado Municipal League, which shows two-thirds of cities list street maintenance as a major budgetary challenge. Colorado Springs is no exception – the city has a backlog of street and bridge… Continue Reading Colorado cities and towns struggle to maintain infrastructure

Most cities in Colorado believe their economic picture is improving, according to a survey by the Colorado Municipal League. A total of 62 cities say their financial outlook is improving and have turned a corner. About 20 percent said their economy was flat while 8 percent said the economic picture was getting worse. The CML… Continue Reading Sales taxes up, economic picture bright for Colo. cities

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True to their wild West roots, Colorado municipalities are finding their own ways to battle the recession. Nine out of 10 cities in the state are actively engaging in economic development activities. A report by the Colorado Municipal League showed that economic development included aggressive marketing of their communities, technical assistance to businesses of all… Continue Reading Colorado municipalities pulling away from recession

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