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Renovation business framing a doorway to recovery

The local commercial construction market is emerging from dark days, thanks in large part to remodeling and renovation projects. While projects are nowhere near the volume they were in 2007 and 2008, commercial contractors are breathing deep sighs of relief because their phones are ringing again. “We’re probably a $400-million-a-year-company,” said G.E. Johnson CEO Jim… Continue Reading Renovation business framing a doorway to recovery

Struggling construction industry promotes initiative for rebound With labor and materials belts tightened to the last notch, and projects bid at near-cost just to keep crews busy, construction industry officials were meeting with congressional delegations in Washington, D.C., this week for what could be the fight of their lives — and with good reason. So… Continue Reading Blueprint for survival

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If there’s any immediate glimmer of hope in the construction industry, it will come from the residential sector. Nationally, residential building has begun to show faint signs of a turnaround. However, John Burns Real Estate Consulting reported this month that total U.S. new home permits for 2009 will still be off by 79 percent from… Continue Reading Builders hoping for rebound

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