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State’s largest malpractice insurance firm fined

The Colorado Division of Insurance has fined COPIC Insurance, the state’s largest medical-malpractice insurance provider, $48,400 after an investigation into its business practices. The division accused COPIC of “numerous” issues related to its long-term care insurance program, for alleged deficiencies in justifying its rates, certain application forms and for how it solicits money for its Political… Continue Reading State’s largest malpractice insurance firm fined

A bill that would increase damage awards in malpractice lawsuits has changed – dramatically. As first introduced, House Bill 1344 raised non-economic damages cap on malpractice suits from $300,000 to $460,000. But, bill sponsors scrapped the cap-increase portion of the bill after failing to find enough support for it. As it’s worded now, the bill would require… Continue Reading Malpractice bill now targets insurance regulation

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