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Colorado driver anti-texting law hard to enforce

Colorado authorities say they are having a hard time enforcing the state’s ban on texting by drivers because it’s difficult to determine what caused an accident. Colorado is one of 35 states that currently ban texting while driving. The charge is distracted driving, which can include other violations including eating while driving or putting on… Continue Reading Colorado driver anti-texting law hard to enforce

The surge of medical marijuana use in Colorado has started another debate in the state Legislature: What constitutes driving while high? Lawmakers are considering setting a DUI blood-content threshold for marijuana that would make Colorado one of three states with such a provision in statute – and one of the most liberal, according to Rep.… Continue Reading A driving question for Colo. marijuana users

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Drivers distracted by more than texting

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The perils of texting while driving are getting a lot of attention right now – even President Barack Obama issued an executive order prohibiting federal workers from doing so. But, is texting the biggest distraction while driving? It’s not, says a LeaseTrader.com survey. More than 3,000 drivers nationwide took the survey, with men saying road rage was… Continue Reading Drivers distracted by more than texting

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