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September’s economic indicators up in Colorado

The economies in the three mountain states – Wyoming, Colorado and Utah – advanced faster than the national average, according to a report about leading economic indicators. The three-state region has performed better than the nation for the past 35 months. But for the first time in 34 consecutive months, the national economic indicators fell… Continue Reading September’s economic indicators up in Colorado

Colorado’s economic indicators slipped in May, but remain healthy, according to information from the Goss Institute for Economic Research. Employment, production and sales, inventory and new orders are all still above national levels, however. “Durable goods producers are outperforming non-durable goods manufacturers in the state,” he said. “Heavy manufacturers are adding employees at the same… Continue Reading State’s economic indicators weaken, but still positive

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Trends in local, national economy

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Psst … here’s, well, not exactly a secret, but at least a marker to look for that signals economic recovery. “Once you see signs that people are going back to work, that’s usually a sign that the recession is winding down,” said Tom Zwirlein, director of the Southern Colorado Economic Forum and a professor of… Continue Reading Trends in local, national economy

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