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Position yourself properly for a more promising future

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges of any life — or any business — is adequately preparing for the future. Knowing what lies ahead, even with the most thorough research and best available information, is hardly a science. Tomorrow remains a mystery. We can make plans, make predictions, hope for the best and prepare… Continue Reading Position yourself properly for a more promising future

I’ve written before about what you can do to get better at your job, and this column has some additions to your list. Be more resourceful. Resourcefulness – using your brain to think outside the box and get the information you need or the project accomplished – is one of the traits that I really… Continue Reading Here are specifics to help you get better at your job

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Seeing blind spots between men, women

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You already know from John Gray that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but do you know how to promote interplanetary cooperation at the office? After decades of striving for gender equality in the workplace, you’d think the tough questions would be answered. You would be wrong. According to a terrific new… Continue Reading Seeing blind spots between men, women

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Everyone is a salesperson for all of your life. Whether you are a mechanic, teacher or manager, you are selling ideas. You are negotiating. You are communicating … persuading … influencing. If you don’t believe you are a salesperson, I encourage you to rethink your position, because the probability that you will become successful is… Continue Reading Everyone is a salesperson … whether you like it or not

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