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Consider this: More government, more freedom

While I was driving across the Colorado Avenue bridge into downtown the other day, a billboard caught my eye. “Less Government, More Freedom,” it proclaimed, touting the candidacy of a local political hopeful. That’s a common campaign theme for Republicans and Libertarians. It sounds plausible — who among us hasn’t railed at the inefficiencies, incompetence… Continue Reading Consider this: More government, more freedom

State sanctions investment company

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A California company has been sanctioned by the Colorado Division of Securities  for allegedly violating state law. The company named in the cease-and-desist order is BB&M International Corp. Also named are AmIraq Fund and the CEO of both companies, William Burbank.  The companies are headquartered in Coronado, Calif. The division alleges that Burbank was promoting… Continue Reading State sanctions investment company

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