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Strong-mayor initiative passes

Colorado Springs voters approved Initiative 300, the strong mayor proposal, which will change the city’s governance structure. The initiative passed with nearly 60 percent of the vote. The city charter amendment will convert the city’s council-mayor system of government into a strong-mayor system, which will give the mayor broad authority as the city’s chief executive.… Continue Reading Strong-mayor initiative passes

Mayor Lionel Rivera was one of the first to publicly support the idea of adopting a strong-mayor form of government for the city, but yesterday he spelled out his strong opposition to Issue 300, the strong-mayor November ballot question, because he said it leaves out key provisions he suggested. Strong-mayor proponents didn’t like that. The… Continue Reading What do you think about the mayor’s opposition to 300?

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Mayor Rivera opposed to Issue 300

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Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera wants voters to be clear about something: He does not support Issue 300, the “strong mayor” proposal that would change the city’s government structure. Rivera sent an e-mail and a clarification letter to the media today saying he wanted to reiterate his opposition to Issue 300 after a newspaper headline… Continue Reading Mayor Rivera opposed to Issue 300

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