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Will the real leader please stand up?

Why does the business community shoulder so much of the heavy lifting in this community? I was in the business community meeting about bringing AngelouEconomics to town to do the Operation 60thirtyfive study. The idea was to get a blueprint of what we want to be when we grow up and identify specific industry types… Continue Reading Will the real leader please stand up?

Back in June 2006, I brought up that at any given time there is as much as $1 billion in Department of Defense contracts at the request for proposal stage. I also mentioned that Colorado is one of the few states without a Procurement Technical Assistance Center, and that a PTAC was being formed. Well,… Continue Reading How about a little creativity to boost our local economy?

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Like spring crocuses, political signs are sprouting up across the city. Flowers they aren’t, especially the dueling, and somewhat misleading signs for and against issue 1A. Proponents: “Vote Yes — Jobs Now.” Opponents: “Fight Corporate Welfare!” Issue 1A asks voters to approve the continuance of a city property tax levy first instituted to repay bonds… Continue Reading Cutting through the 1A hyperbole

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