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Lease issues key for small-business owners

dFor most small-business owners, the most complex and expensive legal arrangement they enter into is the lease for their business premises. The purpose here is to highlight some of the standard provisions of a typical business lease. One of the most common initial misperceptions is that the liability under the lease is on a month-to-month… Continue Reading Lease issues key for small-business owners

The status of a worker as an “employee” or an “independent contractor” continues to be an issue for employers and the IRS. The basis of the issue is how the particular designation affects employers’ payment of employment taxes. For those employers who have incorrectly in the past treated workers who are employees as independent contractors,… Continue Reading Contractor vs. employee: what you need to know

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Good time to reconsider estate planning

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The goal of estate planning is to provide for the management and transfer of a person’s property in the event of death or incapacity at the smallest financial cost to the family. A properly structured estate plan allows someone to choose his/her beneficiaries, provide for the management of assets, and eliminate or reduce taxes. Without… Continue Reading Good time to reconsider estate planning

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