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Battle rages over malpractice litigation and medical costs

As Congress debates health care reform, legal groups are debating the effect medical malpractice suits have on insurance and overall health care spending. At least one group places the blame for skyrocketing medical costs on plaintiff attorneys, while other lobbying groups say litigation does not affect costs. The Manhattan Institute, a free market think tank,… Continue Reading Battle rages over malpractice litigation and medical costs

Changing the state’s medical malpractice laws has failed twice in the General Assembly – but the bill might have nine lives. Supported by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, House Bill 1344 was written to raise non-economic caps for medical malpractice lawsuits from $300,000 to $460,000. But the bill didn’t have enough votes and sponsor Christine… Continue Reading Trial lawyers not giving up on malpractice legislation

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Costly mistakes

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Legislation introduced this month at the General Assembly is about to re-ignite an old battle. A bill that would increase the cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice suits is being considered for the second year in a row, recreating last year’s showdown between doctors and lawyers. Called the “son of SB 164,” House Bill… Continue Reading Costly mistakes

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