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Identify your business lifeguard and you’ll benefit

Have you noticed the lifeguards at the pool or at the beach? Their job is to be vigilant, watch weather and water conditions, and save swimmers and surfers who find themselves in peril. Around water, some people get into trouble because they are overconfident, too tired or they are not paying attention to what is… Continue Reading Identify your business lifeguard and you’ll benefit

Our retirement is our responsibility, yet many people do not think about how they are going to spend their retirement time. More importantly, even fewer people plan on how to fund it until it is too late. If you are old enough to drive, it is time to think about retirement. In March 2013 the… Continue Reading Beware of these six common retirement mistakes

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Battle uncertainty with business strategy

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Are you leaving money on the table because you aren’t running your business as effectively as you could? What do you need to do to stay ahead of the curve? What should you do to reduce insecurity for your clients and employees, streamline marketing, and take advantage of technology with strategies to build your business?… Continue Reading Battle uncertainty with business strategy

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A perfect elevator speech should compel the receiver to ask a meaningful question back. It should be interesting, and it should state what the person does and give enough information to weed out people who have no interest in what you do. The goal of an effective elevator speech is to convince people who may… Continue Reading Does your elevator speech go to the top? Think about it

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