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Tejon feels downtown turnover

Tejon feels downtown turnover

The new year is bringing new changes to the downtown business scene, particularly up and down the main artery of Tejon Street. A number of new businesses are taking root on Tejon, replacing some of the area’s recognizable mainstays. In other cases, businesses are closing and leaving behind vacancies. For example, the iconic Olive Branch… Continue Reading Tejon feels downtown turnover

Yes, there will be life beyond the Olive Branch

When did the breakfast meeting establish itself so firmly in business culture? You can’t imagine the characters in “Mad Men” going to breakfast meetings — they were too hung over in the morning, barely able to dictate to their secretaries and fend off their mistresses. Such stressful lives required three-martini lunches, not breakfast meetings. The… Continue Reading Yes, there will be life beyond the Olive Branch

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