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Are pensions a right or a privilege this day and age?

As we have observed the latest political fighting in Wisconsin, the labor movement and its unions has been forced to justify some of its sacred cows, such as collective bargaining. But this kind of labor struggle brings about more interesting and fundamental questions not only about unions and their membership, but about what we think… Continue Reading Are pensions a right or a privilege this day and age?

The City of Colorado Springs’ spending levels and unfunded liabilities are leading it into a “downward spiral” and potentially toward a “financial crisis,” according to a report by the City Committee of Colorado Springs. The volunteer, independent City Committee was formed by Chuck Fowler, president of Fowler Communications Co., and Steve Bartolin, CEO of The… Continue Reading Watchdog group: City on path toward ‘financial crisis’

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The Memorial Commission met today to discuss several thorny legal questions, among them what happens to the pensions of the 4,000 people employed at the three-hospital system. The pension question will weigh heavily as the commission decides whether to sell Memorial Health System and to whom. If a for-profit company buys the hospital system, then… Continue Reading Memorial commission grapples with legal issues

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