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Atmel seeks retroactive tax break

Atmel Corp. is in the midst of a $25 million expansion, and wants the city to reinstate its personal property tax rebate — and to do it retroactively. The details of the agreement: Atmel wants a 10-year agreement to receive rebates on its business personal property taxes and alternative rate of tax on machinery. Under… Continue Reading Atmel seeks retroactive tax break

As El Paso County faces a multimillion dollar shortfall from reduced property taxes next year, officials are realizing, once again, how far the business personal property tax could go in easing their financial woes. El Paso County is the only county in the state that does not levy a business personal property tax, a tax… Continue Reading Business personal property tax eyed as budget shortfall mounts

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Are our local property and sales taxes too high, too low or just about right? Are Colorado Springs residents, as proponents of November’s proposed property tax increase claim, starving the city of needed revenue by enjoying unsustainably low tax rates? Or are the opponents of the tax hike correct in saying that the city has… Continue Reading Just how low are Springs property taxes?

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