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Colo. congressman puts grocery meetings on hold

A Democratic congressman from Colorado known for meeting with voters in grocery stores has put two upcoming sessions on hold after the shooting rampage at a similar event in Arizona last weekend. Rep. Ed Perlmutter is known for his twice-monthly “Government in the Grocery” meet-and-greets in his suburban Denver district. The three-term Democrat has had… Continue Reading Colo. congressman puts grocery meetings on hold

FASB to review mark-to-market

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Economists and financial analysts vehemently disagree about bailouts and which sort of regulations work or don’t. But now many agree – from investor Warren Buffett to Republican Steve Forbes to Democratic economic adviser Mark Zandi, to name a few – that mark-to-market accounting “exaggerates losses and results in tighter lending when it is used to… Continue Reading FASB to review mark-to-market

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