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Bipartisan effort brings fire relief to Springs area

When the president signed the “Continuing Resolution” to fund federal government operations for the rest of this year, it was a somewhat anticlimactic temporary truce in the ongoing Washington budget battles. But it was an important victory for a group we call the Regional Coalition for Strategic Federal Action and, more importantly, for all of… Continue Reading Bipartisan effort brings fire relief to Springs area

Robert Meehan has been appointed president of Bryan International LLC, a subsidiary company of Bryan Construction Inc. He will lead a team in the Middle East working on multimillion construction projects for the Colorado Springs-based firm. In June 2011, Bryan Construction was named with a group of 13 other contractors as among those that could… Continue Reading Bryan Construction forms international subsidiary, names president

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Scott Bryan has staked his success on a three-pronged business model that includes federal, commercial and facilities services construction work. The son of a Colorado Springs homebuilder, Bryan started his multi-million dollar operation by winning U.S. Army Corps of Engineers military jobs during the 1980s and 1990s — “back before it was big.” His crews… Continue Reading Bryan has been helping to reshape the Springs for three decades

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