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Form 1099 paperwork to increase 1,250%

Come 2012, small business owners can expect a 1,250-percent increase in the volume of paperwork associated with new federal regulations regarding 1099-form reporting, says the National Association for the Self-Employed. That certainly isn’t welcome news for small business owners, but it might not be so bad for accountants, who are likely to be hired to… Continue Reading Form 1099 paperwork to increase 1,250%

The majority of micro-businesses are operated out of a home office, yet many are unwilling to pursue the typical home office tax deduction out of fear that it will trigger an IRS audit or that the qualification criteria is too difficult to meet. Legislation known as the Home Office Tax Deduction Simplification Act (S.B. 1754)… Continue Reading Home office tax deduction bill introduced in Senate

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Small business tax tips for 2008

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The National Association for the Self-Employed is encouraging small business owners to get an early jump on their taxes with top tax tips for 2008. Among the tips are: Visit www.NASE.org or www.IRS.gov to determine whether you should have your taxes calculated professionally. Determine whether cash or accrual accounting is best for your business. Always… Continue Reading Small business tax tips for 2008

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