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5 things to know about the tea party movement

For the past year, a passionate group of Americans have rallied together under the banner of the “tea party,” altering the direction of the nation’s political discourse in the early years of Barack Obama’s presidency. The Associated Press reviewed tea party operations in almost every state, interviewing dozens of local organizers as well as Democratic… Continue Reading 5 things to know about the tea party movement

Their signs read “capitalism yes, socialism no” and “Deliver us from Obamanation.” An estimated 1,500 people filled Acacia Park Wednesday for the national Tea Party anti-stimulus, tax and federal budget protest. Quiet, patriotic and overwhelmingly angry, they were gray-haired grandmothers, retirees who lost their pensions in the financial meltdown, businessmen in shirts and ties who were… Continue Reading 1,500+ flock to anti-tax ‘Tea Party’

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The first tea party in Boston signaled the colonists’ dissatisfaction with British taxes and government interference, and gatherings scheduled for Wednesday seek to do the same thing – protest excessive taxes and too many government bailouts. Hundreds of protests are scheduled to take place simultaneously in a number of cities on April 15, Tax Day. While… Continue Reading Nationwide anti-tax ‘tea party’ scheduled for Wednesday

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