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Defending the individual voter

You won’t find endorsements for political candidates in the Colorado Springs Business Journal. That’s simply not how we operate. We’ve been asked and encouraged to support certain individuals, but we make no exceptions. We might take a stand on ballot issues that affect the community as a whole, and obviously the local business scene, but not… Continue Reading Defending the individual voter

Ballot issues to raise taxes have not historically fared well in El Paso County. So it was a surprise to some when two such issues passed with wide margins Tuesday. Ballot issue 1A, which called for a 23-hundredths of a cent sales tax increase to support staffing increases and equipment upgrades at the Sheriff’s Office,… Continue Reading Business community contributes to tax issues passing

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Maketa makes his case for county Question 1A

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The Sheriff’s Office is mandated by state law to provide services to all county residents inside and outside of municipal boundaries. It must provide housing, food and basic medical care to an average population of 1,430 inmates at the County Jail, secure transportation of inmates to and from court, and respond to crime throughout the… Continue Reading Maketa makes his case for county Question 1A

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