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Drivers distracted by more than texting

The perils of texting while driving are getting a lot of attention right now – even President Barack Obama issued an executive order prohibiting federal workers from doing so. But, is texting the biggest distraction while driving? It’s not, says a LeaseTrader.com survey. More than 3,000 drivers nationwide took the survey, with men saying road rage was… Continue Reading Drivers distracted by more than texting

Earlier this year, Colorado joined 13 other states in banning the practice of texting while driving, but according to some insurance industry officials, the law’s purview is not limited to individuals. Employers are now concerned that they may be held liable for accidents caused by their employees while driving and conducting work-related conversations on cell… Continue Reading Insurance Institute warns of texting while driving and company liability

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It’s not just us lowly rank-and-file workers cowering in our cubicles any more. Seems the suits also have succumbed to cellphone addiction. At least that’s the word from NFI Research. According to a worldwide survey of senior executives and managers, 59 percent of respondents said they use their phone for receiving e-mail, 57 percent send… Continue Reading Texting and e-mail becoming harder habits to break

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