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Colorado Springs Technology incubator has six hopefuls

With the opening of the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator, whose primary mission is to “accelerate the launch of financially viable companies in the high-technology sector,” six small, local companies are hoping for the best. They are Acculent, Corporate Hearts, DigiLearn, Integrity PC Innovations, Inc., XAware, and ZeeWaves Systems, Inc. Following is a brief description of… Continue Reading Colorado Springs Technology incubator has six hopefuls

Technology keeps callers well connected

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Forget the cell phone of yesterday… just take a look at what is available today. Today’s phones will connect you directly to the Internet, at speeds faster than a regular dial-up computer. They let you send pictures, e-mail, make phone calls and play games. In addition, many of them do it in color. Sprint’s PCS… Continue Reading Technology keeps callers well connected

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Wireless data systems solutions have become a multi-trillion dollar per year global industry because of recent advances in telecommunications software and hardware. The following presents the first of a series highlighting different aspects of high-speed data transfer. To understand wireless data solutions, it is essential we first understand the precious resource referred to as the… Continue Reading Wireless communication now a viable alternative

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Imagine this: You are the CEO of a company that generates hundreds of thousands of data files each year. Your back-up systems include standard servers and secured off-site storage. But September 11 happens or a wild fire threatens your facility. Suddenly greater security is an issue, but you can’t justify the cost or rely on… Continue Reading Strategic partnerships key to network dynamics

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