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Weekend no longer means break from work

Just because its Saturday, doesn’t mean workers are taking a break. According to a Right Management survey, more than one-third of workers get regular weekend emails from their boss that they have to respond to, and another one-third occasionally get those kinds of emails. “The convenience of workplace technology is matched by its pervasiveness and,… Continue Reading Weekend no longer means break from work

Jeanne Thompson began going gray at 23. She colored her hair for years as she worked her way into management at a large Boston-area financial services company, then gave up the dye for good about a year ago. The earth didn’t shake, and the 44-year-old Thompson was promoted to top management the following year. She… Continue Reading Gray hair’s in fashion, but what about at work?

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Employees looking for a new job because of workplace stress have plenty of company. Fifty-two percent of workers say they “have considered or made a decision about their career, including declining a promotion or leaving a job based on workplace stress,” according to the American Psychological Association. More than half of employees said they were… Continue Reading Work stressors lead to increased costs, decreased productivity

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