Matia tutoring students — one stinky kid at a time

Fri, Dec 9, 2011

One on One

By day Todd Matia is a math teacher at Sand Creek High School, but by night, he’s CEO of Stinky Kid Math.

Stinky Kid Math is a company Matia, 34, started to help kids struggling in Algebra and advanced math.

Matia says it’s a more affordable option than private tutoring, but cautions those considering to take the same entrepreneurial leap he did because starting a business can be complicated.

Matia talked with the CSBJ this week about Stinky Kid Math.

What prompted you to start your own business?

There were a lot of factors that went into inspiring me to start a business, but I would have to say that the largest influence was my desire to help people. I have come up with a great way for struggling students to be successful in Algebra and other subjects in math, and I wanted to create a way to share it with more people than just the students that I had in class.

I also wanted to create a more affordable option than private tutoring. Every year I tutor several students, and their parents end up spending a great deal of money to ensure their students’ success. I figured, in this economy, why not create a way that is more accessible to those with tight budgets?

With online video lessons, any student can have access to my lessons 24/7, and they can have me repeat the same lesson 20 times without feeling like they are imposing. I can also privately tutor hundreds, or even thousands of students at a time, and still continue to find balance in my own life. It seemed like a no-brainer.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered, particularly since your business is so new?

The hardest part of having a new education site is building the confidence in people who don’t know me personally to allow me to teach their kids.

We are working hard to get the word out that Stinky Kid Math works, plain and simple, and it’s the site to go to if you want to have a fun, relatable way to learn math.

People’s kids are precious to them, and they should be. I’m glad that parents are working hard to protect them and give them a great education. I just hope that they are willing to give us a chance to show we are the best math support site around.

Do you have any advice to those young professionals who might be contemplating an entrepreneurial leap?

Do a lot of research on the front end, and don’t try to do everything on your own. There are so many aspects that you may have to deal with that you were not necessarily planning on. Sometimes you don’t even know enough to know which questions to ask. It is crucial to surround yourself with people that complement your weaknesses, and to have a good solid plan before jumping in with both feet.

As a young professional, how easy is it to get started in the Springs?

This process was extremely challenging, but in a lot of ways, it was easier than I thought it was going to be. That is largely due to the support of my friends and family, and the help and resources that I received from the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center at UCCS. The advice I received from the counselors over at the SBDC was invaluable, and I am quite certain it saved me hours of wasted time and hundreds of dollars. The SBDC is among several other free resources in the Springs that can help you to kick start your business.

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