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Thu, Dec 20, 2012

One on One

Jared Veteto, a 36-year-old Springs native, co-owns Cogitic Corp. with his brother. The day-to-day demands of business ownership keep him busy, but he’s one who appreciates the arts and the great outdoor opportunities that Colorado Springs has to offer.

Along the way, Veteto and his brother have benefited from a decision to change their business focus four years ago. They spent considerable time analyzing their situation and customers, which led to taking their business into the marine and energy markets.

But that hasn’t stopped Veteto from making the most of living in the Pikes Peak region. He just wishes we could have a lot more snow.

Veteto took some time this week to talk with the Business Journal about himself and his company.

How did you make your way to Colorado Springs?

I’m an endangered species — a Colorado Springs native. Other than living in Denver and Caribou, Maine, I have always called Colorado Springs my home.

Tell us about your business and how you became involved in this industry.

Together with my brother, I own an engineering and manufacturing company. We specialize in producing critical components for the marine and energy sectors and other demanding customers. We shifted our focus to our current customer base in 2008. Our primary line of work at the time was materials research for technology companies. We did some very interesting work for many years in advanced ceramics and display technologies. During the downturn, when the research work slowed down, we decided to use our engineering and manufacturing capability in support of different industries. We had expertise manufacturing very difficult to produce systems and components, and a wide range of test and validation capabilities. After spending about a year trying to match up our capabilities with customers who appreciate and require absolute quality control and technical expertise, we found ourselves working in the marine and energy markets.

What do you most like about Colorado Springs?

I enjoy our close proximity to the mountains of Colorado. I also like the small town feel of downtown Colorado Springs and Manitou. Being a small town has many advantages, but it has challenges as well.

What would you most like to change about Colorado Springs?

I would like to see our community better support our local artists. People need to get out and go see art — and actually buy art as well. I would also like to see a shift in our local government away from anti-small business regulations. The personal property tax in El Paso County is a good example. Large businesses negotiate away the tax transferring the burden to small businesses. As we all know, once you create a revenue stream for government, it is next to impossible to have it removed. And snow. I’d like a lot more snow please.

When you’re not working, what might one find you doing?

I have always enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities. I’ve been on the committee that puts on the Barr Trail Mountain Race for about six years. I’m also a Regional Representative for the Burning Man project. I have met many wonderful, talented and very genuine people through the Burning Man community.

Lately though, you’d be hard pressed to find me anywhere but at work. However, my word for 2013 is “Balance.” I’d like to get back to doing a lot more running, climbing, socializing and reading.


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