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Farnes’ fascination with rocks has led to faceting career

25. March 2013

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Jennifer Farnes has had a lot of different careers for a 33-year-old, but her love of rocks and crystals has stayed with her since childhood. The Montana native worked in event management, advertising and retail before she found her true calling. Farnes is one of the country’s youngest master faceters. She cuts gemstones for The […]

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Webb focuses on sustainable energy research at UCCS

18. March 2013

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Rebecca Webb loves engineering because it can solve problems in society — and she’s transferring that love of problem-solving to both graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The 36-year-old professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering first came to Colorado Springs while working for Agilent Technologies. After earning a Ph.D. in […]

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MacFayden believes people want to share their stories

7. March 2013


Dan MacFayden was driving through the city passing all the places where he had left memories over the years. He couldn’t help but feel that his memories were invisible to the rest of the world, and he wondered how many others had left memories there too. The 31-year-old Internet marketer — who works for Compassion […]

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