Bien brings care, compassion and ambition to Peak Vista

Fri, May 3, 2013

One on One

yp_rebecca_bienRebecca Bien has firsthand knowledge of the challenges her clients face in her role as Peak Vista Community Health Centers’ clinical services director.

Her daughter was born when Bien was just 18, and she relied on Peak Vista to help care for her child.

A Colorado Springs native and Doherty High School graduate, Bien’s first job was as a certified nursing assistant. After years of education and hard work, the 36-year-old now works in the administrative side of health care. She earned a GED in 1995 and now is working toward a nursing sciences master’s degree, as well as a master’s of business administration.

What made you decide on a career in health care?

I have a strong drive and passion to help others. I started as a certified nursing assistant and quickly realized how much I wanted to help others. My mom and aunt are both nurses and they influenced me in making a decision to continue my education. I also have my daughter to thank. She made me realize that I deserved more, as did she, and that I could do anything I set my mind to.

What do you like most about Peak Vista?

I love the mission of Peak Vista and that it is connected to my vision of being a nurse. When I began nursing I worked in hospitals and enjoyed caring for patients, but I wanted to do more and make certain that patients were taken care of at a deeper level than just being “treated and streeted.”

What are some of the challenges Peak Vista will face when the Affordable Care Act is implemented?

This is the million dollar question. I think change is the biggest challenge we will face. We are working hard to ensure that we’re ready for the changes and that we continue to provide exceptional healthcare to people facing access barriers.

How do you help Peak Vista meet its goals of caring for the uninsured and the underinsured?

When I started with Peak Vista I was a charge nurse in our Family Health Center and enjoyed working closely with patients to make sure their needs were met. Then I moved into a clinical management role in both our Pediatric Health Center and our Convenient Care Center. I then moved to the Director of Clinical Operations, supporting the operation of the clinics. During that time I helped develop and build the nursing staff, training department and immunization programs. I have mentored many staff, both managers and nurses, to excel and move up to support the mission of Peak Vista.

Do you have any mentors who guided the way for you?

Pam McManus is our CEO and she has been a strong support system and mentor as I have transformed more into the administration side of care. She has strong passion for her role in the community that influences me every day to ensure that what I do continues to provide great operational support for the clinics that provide the care for the patients.

Another is my grandmother, Lorraine Blackburn. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She has given me such strong values and taught me how important it is to open your heart and to care for others. She has never given up on me and stood by me even at times when others thought I would not succeed. She is consistently positive, viewing the glass as half full, and seeking out those who need encouragement and support.

What advice would you give other young professionals in the health care field?

Never lose touch with your passion for people. Health care is ever-changing and challenging, but if you remember that you are truly affecting a person’s life you’ll stay true to your passion.


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