Experience in different sectors gives Worth wide-ranging focus

Mon, Jul 8, 2013

One on One

yp_kim_worthKim Worth stays busy not only with her position as a vice president of the BBVA Compass bank, but she is also a bicyclist, runner and skier. When she’s not banking, biking, running or skiing, the 32-year-old Worth volunteers for the American Diabetes Association, and she coaches competitive soccer.

What challenges do you face being a commercial banker? How do you meet those challenges?

In the current economy, there are more than a few challenges in commercial banking including federal regulations, increased competition and yield curve. However, these challenges are really opportunities to become more creative in building customized solutions for my clients. These challenges have also helped to focus our team on the best opportunities for our bank so we are able to work within our strengths and do what we do really well.

You’re very involved outside work volunteering — why? What drives you?

I come from a nonprofit background as that is where I started my career with the U.S. Olympic Committee and then the American Heart Association. I feel it is very important to give back to the community you live in, specifically to work with things you are passionate about.

I volunteer my time with the Rising Professionals as it is critical we are able to attract, retain and cultivate young professionals in Southern Colorado. These are the next generation of leaders for Colorado Springs.

What is your personal goal for your volunteer work with the American Diabetes Association, and how will you go about meeting that goal?

I am very passionate about the mission of the American Diabetes Association as I have a family member with Type 2 diabetes. My personal goal through my volunteer work with the ADA is to help stop diabetes. In this, I serve as a member of the Southern Colorado Board for the American Diabetes Association and as the Chair of the Tour de Cure. Though Tour de Cure (Sept. 21) we raise the critically necessary funds for programming and research to help stop diabetes. If people are interested, they can visit

What is your favorite aspect of coaching soccer?

I am currently a coach for Corinthians Soccer Club. I have been coaching for the club for the last five years. I generally coach high school-age players, however, right now I am coaching U23 girls (18-, 19- and 21-year-old college players). I actually coached some of these players when they were 8 and 9 years old, so it is fun to see them as mature, grown-up players.

I love both playing and coaching soccer. I got into coaching when I was much younger as an assistant coach and I have just continued on into a head coaching role for the past 15 years. My favorite aspect of coaching is seeing the progression in the players and the pure joy they get out of their success. It is one brilliant goal or combination you see during a game that makes it all worthwhile.

How would you change Colorado Springs, if you could?

If I could change Colorado Springs, I would focus on development in town that makes it more attractive to young professionals. That would include a revitalization of downtown, along with the addition of more arts and culture events. I would encourage cultivation of young entrepreneurs and alternative energy solutions.

I would also like to see Colorado Springs continue with adopting cycling initiatives in an effort to become a top bike-friendly city. I think all of these items tie together to create a culture that will allow Colorado Springs to attract and retain young professionals.


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