Police say robber hit 13 banks along Front Range since August

Law enforcement agencies from Denver to Colorado Springs are on the look out for the so-called “Clearninghouse bandit” — the person they believe has robbed 13 banks, including one in Colorado Springs.

Local police, along with the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, are investigating 13 bank robberies — nine in Denver, three in Auroa and one in Colorado Springs — that began in August.

Witnesses say the suspect carries what look likes a magazine, thereby giving him the nickname “Clearinghouse bandit.” Publishers Clearing House is a direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions.

“The Clearinghouse Bandit” is believed to be responsible for all of the 13  robberies. He enters the bank, presents a demand note and flees.

The FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force can be reached at 303-629-7171. Law enforcement officials also offer an anonymous tip line 720-913-7867.