Rent a car in Colorado Springs, prices among the best

Filed under: Daily News,Tourism | Tags:, , says Las Vegas is the best for hotel rates, Toronto is the best destination for airfare and in Colorado Springs, a traveler will get one of the best car rental rates. released its February 2013 Travel Savings Indicator and Colorado Springs ranked No. 2 for car rental prices, at $21 a day — a 24 percent decrease from the last survey.

The report features the top five destinations in North America where hotel, air and car rental rates have dropped the most, compared to the same time last year. Las Vegas tops the hotel list with a 5-Star stay for $114 per night — a 16 percent drop from the last survey.

A round trip ticket to Toronoto will cost, on average through, $312 — a25 percent drop from the last survey.

For folks who are planning a small road trip to visit loved ones may want to consider renting a car as there are some steep discounts across the country—as much as 42 percent, reports..